Welcome to Edenvale Methodist Church

A society within the Methodist Church of southern Africa

Warning: EMC is not a perfect church! We are a work in progress!

This church is made up of saints and sinners and the dividing line is through the middle of the heart! We are a community of ordinary people serving and following and extra-ordinary Lord!. 

Our Mission: What kind of Church do we believe God is calling us to be? 

We believe God is calling us to be...

  • A community where life is joyfully celebrated and where members are enabled to experience God's love and grace in their everyday lives in body, mind and spirit.
  • A Rainbow Community representative of the diversity of our country and community and where all are invited to find a home and to belong.
  • A Community that reaches out in practical ways to the community around us, and especially to the excluded, the lonely, the lost, the hurting, the poor and God's creation!
  • A Community whose members are equipped in knowledge and in practical ways to grow as disciples of Jesus, experiencing the transforming work of Christ in their own lives and in turn participating in the transforming work of Christ in the world.
  • A Community where children and youth are welcomed and honored as a priority.
  • A Community where families and marriage are nurtured.
  • A Community of people able to acknowledge our own brokenness and imperfection and where they can be real with others on their journey deeper into God.
  • A Community where ordinary members are encouraged to get involved by being helped to find and use their gifts and discover more deeply their own calling in life.
  • A Community of people who are good stewards of the gifts and property under our care.

A Community in which members feel cared for and where all members help to care.